Project 365 #4


The weeks are flying by. I’m so glad January is almost over as it’s my least favourite month of the year. It’s cold, dark and such a come down after the excitement of Christmas. I’m longing for some summer days.

I spend Sunday with my parents and my sister. Love being able to have face time with James in America. We go to Irchester country park and baby girl sleeps the whole time in the stretchy sling. It was so nice to be able to spend the weekend with my family, made it a lot less lonely.

It’s Monday and I’m worried about getting up and everyone ready, baby girl fed and boys to school and pre school on time. My photo from today is of baby girl sleeping after the school run. I coped all week 🙂

James is doing his presentation today, Tuesday, at the PGA and I’m really nervous for him. Thanks to Twitter and his friends that are with him I can see what is happening and how he is doing. Today’s photo is a collage of baby girl that I sent him, saying how proud we both are of him.

Wednesday is a bit of a boring day, but spent some lovely time with baby girl. Love this picture of her after her bath.

Thursday is a bit of a down day. Tired and missing the oh. All it takes is for this smile to cheer me up. Went swimming with baby girl and Nana came too. She loves being in the water. I was also treated to a Nando’s lunch!

It’s finally Friday. We get to pick the oh up from the station. I caught a beautiful picture of them, both so pleased to see each other.

We had the boys this weekend which was a surprise as they were meant to be with their Dad. Saturday was spent in the house and garden. Noise and mess. I caught a quiet moment of Daddy and baby girl having a play together.

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