Affordable Living: 7 Money Saving Tips to Help Make Ends Meet

February 4, 2018

These days, we’re all looking for ways to save more money. Whether it’s cutting down on your grocery expenses, switching your energy supplier, or simply swapping to a credit card with lower interest rates. The good news is that there are countless options available for people who want to keep their spending to a minimum.

Here are  7 money saving tips you can use to help make ends meet, and keep your bank account in the black.

7 money saving tips

1. Be Strategic with Your Credit Cards

If you’re currently using credit cards to help you get from one payday to another, then it might be helpful to compare the options on the market and make sure that you’re getting the lowest interest rates around. When you do have more cash to splash, make sure that you pay off the debts you have with the highest interest rates first, as this will help to save you more money in the long-term. If you’re unsure how to manage your debt, try talking to a financial professional.

2. Re-Think Your Subscription Services

Many of us sign up for subscription services then allow them to simply keep renewing every month, without thinking about whether we’re using them or not. For instance, when is the last time you went to the gym that you pay for every month? Have you been watching any Amazon shows lately, or is your Amazon Prime membership going to waste? And do you really need that monthly beauty box? Think carefully about which subscription services you really don’t want to live without.

3. Use Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and vouchers might seem like old-fashioned solutions for saving money these days, but they’re still a great way to minimise your spending. Before you pay for anything online, take a few minutes to search for codes that you can use for a quick discount or free delivery. You might be surprised by how much you could save.

4. Compare Deals Online

We’re living in a time when the internet is packed full of comparison websites, dedicated to helping you find the best deal on everything from your car insurance, to your broadband fees. Despite this, countless consumers continue to pay the same high prices every month, simply because they don’t want to go through the hassle of switching. Spend some time comparing the options available to you, and ask yourself whether you can really afford to continue paying a premium for convenience.

5. Cut Down on Unnecessary Luxuries

We all have those little expenses that we know we could probably live without, but we spend money on them anyway. While there’s nothing wrong with this if you have the extra cash to use, over-spending on luxuries could be a serious problem for those who are already struggling to make ends meet. If you recently lost some of your regular income, or you want to make sure that you’re saving more money back for a big expense that’s coming up, look at your disposable spending habits and search for anything you might be able to cut back on. For instance, if you have a coffee from an expensive café on your way to work each morning, try investing in a reusable coffee mug and make it at home instead.

6. Download Some Budgeting Apps

If you know you have a problem with keeping track of your spending, then the good news is that there’s an app for that. There is a huge amount of different tools that can help you to track your money more effectively and reduce the amount you spend on unnecessary items. Try downloading a budgeting tool so you can add up the amount you use at the end of each month, or use a deal-finder to help you track down cheaper groceries online.

7. Stop Paying for Brand Names

Finally, while we’re all guilty of paying a little extra for flashy packaging and popular brand names at time, it’s important to know that those habits could be seriously cutting into your budget. Just because a company name is well known, doesn’t mean that it’s any better than the own-name brands you’ll find on grocery store shelves. Try dropping down to a less expensive option and seeing whether your family can tell the difference. If you genuinely don’t like foods that aren’t produced by a specific brand, then there’s not much you can do about that. However, the key to success is making sure you approach the alternative with an open mind. Most non-branded foods are made with the exact same ingredients as their popular alternatives so it’s definitely worth a try.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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