10 Things About Me

March 4, 2015

10 things you may not know about me.


  1. I used to model and do Promotional Work. I was a grid girl and travelled all over the Country doing it. I’ve also been a Cheerleader.

  2. I’m divorced. I got divorced at 28 and now live with my partner (boyfriend) who I have Ava with and my two boys from my marriage.

  3. I have a degree in Psychology. Yes I am Psychoanalysing you 😉

  4. I have 2 tattoos. A tiny heart by my hip and a lotus flower on the bottom of my back. I also have 7 piercings though I don’t wear them all anymore.

  5. I love rock music. I’ve seen some great bands live and been to a few Festivals. Some of my favourites have been Metallica, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Rage Against The Machine and some heavier ones like Slipknot and Soulfly.

  6. In Secondary School I used to run a lot. Running in Athletics in the summer and Cross Country in the winter, even running in the All England team one year. I now am rubbish at running!

  7. I am scared of the dark! I have been since I was little and had awful recurring nightmares. I will not go up or down any stairs in the dark.

  8. I had braces and still have a piece behind my lower bottom teeth that they said would come off on its own. 14 years later it is still there! At least it keeps my teeth straight.

  9. I blush when speaking in front of lots of people. If somebody says I’m blushing it makes it worse.

  10. I hate tea! It tastes like mud. My weakness is fat Coke and do-nuts, I love them.

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35 responses to “10 Things About Me”

  1. Oh I’m envious you’ve seen and heard Rage against the machine live! Used to listen to them a lot when I was younger, especially when there were deadlines to meet 😉 Listening to them while working, worked like magic, for me at least 🙂 #sharewithme.

  2. Thanks for linking up lovely. Not surprised about the modelling as you are blatently gorgeous, and no psychoanalysing me – even my family think I’m odd lol 🙂 I also got divorced at 28, and it’s the best thing I ever did!
    Stevie xx

  3. Great to learn more about you – they are 10 pretty awesome facts. Loving your taste in music and I too know the annoyance of going red in public 🙂

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Thanks, I’ve mellowed a bit in my music tastes, used to love Pantera and now more of a Foo Fighters, blushing is no fun x

  4. Emily says:

    I close my eyes when I talk to people… Not just people I don’t know well, but even my family. One exception my hubby. He knows I do it but I never do it to him.
    Ohh a friend once pointed it out (yes thanks for that) it made it worse for 6 months. Xx

  5. Jenny says:

    Donuts you are my kinda girl. hahaha I love these and learning more about the blogger specifically that we might not know from your blog. Lovely list. Lovely lady! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. Julie Evans says:

    I’m scared of the dark too – hate sleeping on the sofa when the other half is snoring and have to have the TV on or I crap myself! x

  7. Wow, You have had a really great, eventful life, a little envious!
    You like all the music my husband does and has slightly turned me into a fan too, I suppose having dates in clubs playing extremely heavy music and watching live bands did this to me. I would say I am more of a pulp girl to be honest.I also go extremely red in public speaking to people, I even passed out at school with nerves when doing a show, Loved learning a little about you, great idea.
    Love the Tattoo by the way

  8. Before i even got past your photos I was thinking wow, you are stunning and look like a model! You’re like the ultimate role model – clever, athletic and beautiful! Great to find out some more about you and thanks for linking up! Hxxx

  9. A pretty impressive list of facts there, nit sure I’d want to be as open about some of them 🙂

  10. martyn says:

    Grateful post. I love ones like this as it really gets to show you more behind the blogger. To wonderful facts. #bigfatlinky

  11. Lydia Graham says:

    I only managed to get my A level in psychology (due to the children) but absolutely love the subject. I really wish I could have got my degree like you


  12. Caroline says:

    Wow great list, you have done so much. And I have very similar weaknesses to you, I don’t drink hot drinks but coke and any naughty treats like donuts are a winner.

  13. Julie S. says:

    I don’t like the dark either, I don’t know if I’m scared of it or just simply can’t see a darn thing so that upsets me heh. Don’t like tea? wow heh. I used to think coffee tasted like mud, but then I saw there were a lot of flavor options, same with tea.

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I’ve tried lots of different teas and I still haven’t found one I like. You’re right about the not being able to see that definitely doesn’t help x

  14. I was divorced for the first time at 23 and the second at 29. Hoping the 3rd time is the charm!

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      Oh wow, good luck for the third time. Don’t know if I will get married again, I would like too but my partner has been burned too and isn’t too keen x

  15. Silly Mummy says:

    These posts are always fun. I am also scared of the dark & have blushing issues! #PicknMix

  16. Suz says:

    aww, what a great list! Thats funny about your braces! Bet you’ll miss it when it does eventually drop off! Thanks for sharing! #picknmix Suz x Beauisblue.com

  17. Great list – I love to learn more about people. But you hate tea?!?!?!?! How???? #picknmix xxxx

  18. Kaye says:

    You used to be a cheerleader! So jealous, would’ve loved to have tried it out but they didn’t have them at our school, plus I probably would’ve sucked at it but it looks so glamorous in the movies, haha. Fat coke is my weakness too, NOM. #PicknMix

    • MummyandMonkeys says:

      I love vanilla coke its my absolute favourite. The cheerleading was for a local football club, they only did it a few times was such a shame. I so would have wanted to be a cheerleader like in the movies x

  19. Great getting to know more about you – I am not surprised you were a model 🙂 Loving the taste in music too – off to V myself this weekend 🙂 thank you for hosting #PickNMix

  20. what a lovely flat stomach! and rock music, wouldn’t have thought that!x

  21. Alison says:

    That’s a fun mix of facts. I used to go through stages of being scared of the dark, usually after I’ve just watched a particularly scary film, but having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when pregnant cured me of it. #PicknMix

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