The naughtiest thing ……

September 10, 2014

I commented on a competition over at My Mills Baby with the naughtiest thing my monkeys have done. There are some really funny comments on there, pop over and have a look.

Anyway here it is the naughtiest – most recent- thing my two monkeys have done.

Littlest monkey Finlay is 3. I was getting fed up with putting unused pull ups in the bin as he still occasionally wets at night. I decided to switch to the Drynight Mat. 
I put it on under his sheets and explained to him that he wouldn’t need to wear a nappy anymore as he now had a magic sheet. This magic sheet meant that if he wee’d by accident in his sleep it wouldn’t matter as it would make it disappear. (I didn’t realise this was a mistake!) 
Why was that way of describing it a mistake? Well it wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for older monkey Kyle (6). 
The next morning I was pleased and relieved that I hadn’t had to get up in the night to sort out wet sheets! I hate having to do this, especially at the moment, heaving my whale like state out of bed! 
Then Finlay comes in and says his sheet is wet, when I ask how he says quite clearly and oblivious to the trouble ‘Kyle told me to wee on it’ 
What?!  He did what?! 
I go in to look and yep there it is a soaking wet bed. The worst bit, he’s only gone and missed the bloody mat. Couldn’t really be too cross with Finlay as he really did think that it was a magic mat that made it disappear. (Told you I had made a mistake) he was quite distraught that it in fact hadn’t worked. We did have a talk about appropriate places to wee (yes we have had that chat before in our house, boys seem to like weeing or asking to wee in peculiar places) and not doing everything your brother tells you to do. Kyle on the other hand, the instigator I was not pleased with. And the most annoying thing, I had been so happy about not having to change the bloody sheets!! 
Kyle drops himself in it weeks later that he infact also wee’d on the bed. No doubt to encourage his little brother to do the same. I had thought at the time it was a huge wee!!

So there it is, the naughtiest -most recent- thing they have done. Would love to know I’m not the only one with little monkeys! 
           Super Busy Mum

11 responses to “The naughtiest thing ……”

  1. Haha this really made me.chuckle! Naughty Monkeys!! Xx #mmwbh

  2. Boys!!! What little rascals. Shouldn’t laugh but haha xx #mmwbh

  3. Ooooh dear! The cheeky monkies! And there was me thinking that would be great tack to use on our little bear… #ShareWithMe

  4. Oh no cute little monkeys! I love it. Thanks so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  5. What a pair of naughty monkeys! Haha! Fabulous post and something to keep them going about when they’re grown up & have girlfriends! 😉 Thank you for linking up! #MMWBH

  6. Lucy Blossom says:

    Oh dear such cheeky monkeys!

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