Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Chocolate in 2018

Chocolate lover? You may think that you are an expert on the heavenly stuff, but you will be amazed at some of the crazy things that few people know about chocolate. It is an exciting time to be alive for chocolate lovers around the world as all kinds of new, unique and innovative things are happening with chocolate in 2018. Things have certainly come a long way since the Olmecs crushed cacao beans and drank them with water around 1500 BC!

chocolate in 2018

Chocolate Yoga

Never heard of Chocolate Yoga? Neither had I! Chocolate and yoga are both hugely popular in modern times, but they are not necessarily things that you would put together, as one is not particularly healthy, whilst the other is. However, they are both important pleasures and have now been merged to create a healthy activity. Chocolate Yoga is a workshop that focuses on the rejuvenating and restorative benefits of yoga with mindful eating of chocolate and chocolate tasting meditation. Sounds good, right!? The class will be taking place in London in February and looks set to be a huge hit, with other classes starting to feature elsewhere throughout the year.

Health Benefits

You might think that chocolate is an unhealthy treat, but this is not strictly true. Whilst it is not healthy to eat a lot of on a regular basis, it does actually have some medicinal benefits. This includes lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and a reduced risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate, in particular, can be healthy for the heart. Provided that you eat it in moderation, it can actually help you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

New Flavours

Other exciting developments in the chocolate world include a new selection of “adult chocolate flavours”. New and exciting alcoholic chocolates and alcoholic flavours are being developed. These include new vodka and G&T flavour. Alcohol and chocolate go hand in hand and are two of the more popular indulgences – and when they are combined they create a tantalising and highly indulgent treat that anyone with a sweet tooth will love. These tasty treats would make for an excellent present and you can find chocolates like these and more from reputable places like Thorntons.

2018 looks set to be a wonderful year for chocolate lovers as there are all kinds of exciting developments and new ways to enjoy this tasty treat. Chocolate is one of life’s greatest indulgences that should be celebrated and enjoyed (in moderation!).


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