HelloFresh review the family box

We’ve been trying out the new HelloFresh family food boxes for the past two weeks, so here’s our HelloFresh review.

hellofresh review

HelloFresh make home cooking easy by delivering recipes to your door with all the ingredients you need to cook the dinners. We’ve used HelloFresh before with their classic box for two people and have enjoyed the recipes so this time I opted to try their new Family boxes.

The HelloFresh family box contains 4 meals each week, each serving 4-5 people. I was a little nervous picking this box as I wasn’t sure all the meals would be well received as the 5 year old is going through a particularly fussy stage, the 9 year old on the other hand eats pretty much everything.


We received the family box for two weeks and here’s  how we got on with our HelloFresh review.

What we loved

      • I always find it quite exciting opening the box as you never know exactly what you are going to get.
      • The eco friendly packaging is great!
      • The recipes are easy to follow with detailed picture instructions.
      • All ingredients are ready for you, even measured out.
      • You try new ingredients and meals that you wouldn’t normally.
      • We had got into the habit of eating after the kids went to bed so it was nice to all eat together.
      • We’ve found a recipe we like so much we have had it again already. 
      • All the meals have lots of veggies and good quality ingredients.
      • It feels like a treat having a lovely different meal than the normal.

Apologies for the lighting and quality of my food photo’s. There’s a reason I’m not a food blogger!

My picky points

  • There were a couple of recipes that we knew they wouldn’t eat and so we saved them for later then had leftovers to take for lunch. 
  • I’m not the best chef so a few of the meals took longer to cook than stated, however I was pretty proud of myself cooking some of them. 
  • If you have a busy afternoon/early evening after school then you may find it hard to cook them if you need something really quick. I tried to plan meals for those nights that you could prepare a bit before. 

A Family HelloFresh box for four people with four meals costs £64 per box, which with a bit of quick maths works out at £4 per head per meal. This may work out a little higher than your normal food shop, however you need to factor in that it’s delivered to your door, all the ingredients are high quality, measured precisely and come with a recipe that’e easy to follow. 


Would we use HelloFresh again?

After our HelloFresh review, yes definitely, we all enjoyed the meals and finding new recipes, it felt like a treat. I probably wouldn’t have one every week but I know you have to option to just order when you want one. If you feel like you are stuck in a food rut it’s a great way of trying some new recipes and I know we have found some new favourites from it. 

Thank you HelloFresh!

You can find more info on HelloFresh and how it works on their website



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