Happy Hopperz review and giveaway

August 18, 2016

We were sent a Pink Dog, Happy Hopperz for Ava to review and if you scroll down to the bottom there is the chance to win one of your choice from the Happy Hopperz range, suitable for ages 12 months to 5 years.

imageAva loves anything physical as I’m sure most toddlers do, so the pink dog has been a big hit. She’s played on it numerous times everyday since we got it out of the box just over a week ago. The Happy Hopperz are really easy to inflate as they come with their own pump and there are no caps to worry about losing which is a bonus. 


Ava loves to bounce on the pink dog, we’ve used it inside and outside on the grass and it works well on both. 

imageIt’s a great size for her and light enough that she can move it around. 


imageShe not only loves to bounce on it but has been playing little games with us, pretending to fall off and pulling it on top of her legs whilst giggling and then waiting for us to say “oh no”. Finlay who is 5 also fits on it and I think would quite like to have it too. 


A bit more about the Happy Hopperz RRP £25.00;

 “Not only are these loveable Happy Hopperz fun to play with, they also help children strengthen core muscles, increase balance control and develop co-ordination skills. They encourage imaginative play, promote physical exercise and develop self-confidence. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Latex and phthalate free.Easy to inflate with the included pump. Suitable from about 12 months to 5 years. The blue and pink dogs have slightly narrower bodies and are best for younger toddlers. Dino and Bull are slighty larger and most suitable for 2.5 to 5 years.”

I think the Happy Hopperz makes a great toy for a toddler and would make a great Birthday or Christmas present.

Enter below to win one Happy Hopperz of your choice from the range, good luck!.

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64 responses to “Happy Hopperz review and giveaway”

  1. emma walters says:

    i would chose the purple dino 🙂

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    Pink Dog would be lovely for my daughter!

  3. Mud cakes and wine says:

    That’s so cute and not a bad price either looks sturdy too. Great fun for little ones in fact my slightly older boys just told me it looked fun and could we have one Off to enter now #picknmix

  4. That looks great, love the pink colour too. Ava looks like she’s having a great time! #picknmix

  5. Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby says:

    I think that’s so cute and I’m sure kids will definitely have loads of fun with it, considering they love to ride on almost anything,lol Great Review! #PicknMix

  6. This looks fab!! My little boy would love one! #picknmix

  7. My daughter used to love these when she was smaller, they had them at our local softplay and all the toddlers used to fight over them! lol #picknmix

  8. Petite Words says:

    Oooo looks so cool! I’d totally choose the pink dog:) #picknmixfridays AND thanks for hosting, my first time joining your super linky!

  9. teacuptoria says:

    Haha that is ace! I bet her eyes lit up when she saw it for the first time. Tor x #PicNMix

  10. My Ava used ti love her Happy Hopper. Unfortunately she’s a bit too big for it now.

  11. Might just add that to the Christmas list for my little guy, glad they come in blue too! #picknmix

  12. Aw this is so cute, I want one! 😉 And a time machine for the boys to be young enough for it ha! Gorgeous photos of your little cutie

    Stevie x

  13. Suz says:

    I’d have a blue dog for my grandson. But then I’d have to have a pink dog for my grand-daughter lol.
    These look great fun. Christmas present ideas???

  14. Crummy mummy says:

    I think the woman underneath us would have a fit if we got one of these!! Looks fun thoughx #picknmix

  15. Ooh this looks fun! My littlest would love this x #picknmix

  16. aw these are super cute. I know b would love one! #picknmix

  17. OddHogg says:

    That looks really cute! I love the bright colour. Piglet is a bit small at the moment but I’d love him to have one eventually #picknmix

  18. I only saw these the other day and I wondered what they were called! I love your photos, how cute! 🙂


  19. Heather Brannan says:

    The pink doggy hopper is so cute!

  20. Leanne Lunn says:

    I would love the pink dog for my daughter.

  21. My little girl got something similar for her birthday but it’s a unicorn and she does the same ‘falling off’ game too! So cute.

  22. Susan Smith says:

    I would choose the Pink Dog, so cute

  23. Chrissie Curtis says:

    I would choose pink dog. Looks so much fun!

  24. Kellie Steed says:

    I would definitely pick the purple dinosaur! My little man is crazy about dinosaurs, so he would love it!

  25. Hayley F says:

    I would love the blue dog for my nephew x

  26. Rebecca Cusick says:

    I’d love to win a Dino for my boy! I’ve put this in the Christmas to buy list for my niece too. They look fab x

  27. I’m pretty sure my son would love something like this! We always love things that can keep up with our boys activity level. #PicknMix

  28. Keri brooks says:

    Would love the pink dog #picknmix

  29. Heather Morrison says:

    I’d pick the Dino! Xxx

  30. Rebecca Mercer says:

    I’d pick the dino x

  31. carla RTOATS says:

    I would probably pick one of the dogs. Perfect for either my niece or nephews!

  32. Maria says:

    She looks very happy on it! It’s nice to hear that it’s easy to inflate and is light too! #PicknMix

  33. Karen Barrett says:

    I would choose the pink dog.

  34. Sharon H says:

    I’d love the pink dog for my doggie mad niece.

  35. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    They are all so sweet but I would choose the horse happy hopper

  36. I would go for the white bull.

  37. jen s morgan says:

    I would choose a blue dog for my son i am more than sure he would love it x

  38. Michaela Hannah says:

    I would choose the purple dino for my dino mad sons

  39. laura bryant says:

    Dino please

  40. David Crabb says:

    The purple dinosaur our very own mini Barney…sort of!

  41. Laura Harrison says:

    I would choose the pink dog for my niece. Thank you for the chance xxx

  42. Carly Belsey says:

    My daughter would love either the pink dog or the purple dino. I’ve never seen these before, they are so cool 🙂

  43. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I would have to personally say the pink dog as i think it is so cute.

  44. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I would love the Pink Dog for my daughter .x

  45. Charlotte Foy says:

    I would choose purple dino, he’s awesome!

  46. kim neville says:

    I like the blue dog

  47. paula cheadle says:

    I like the pink dog

  48. My one year old would love this! Would make a lovely Christmas present

  49. Hayley Todd says:

    These look absolutely amazing! My daughter would love the Little Horse Hopperz!

  50. lynn savage says:

    I’d choose the purple dino for my little grandson

  51. Kim Styles says:

    the purple dino would be my choice I think but they are all sweet

  52. jackie beckett says:

    The pink dog for my granddaughter

  53. Linda Ford says:

    The blue dog is cool, lovely shade if blue x

  54. I would choose the Dino but I think they are all awesome 🙂

  55. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    I like them all, but the Blue Police Bike would be great. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  56. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    I love the rabbit I saw online….

  57. The pink dog for my granddaughter x

  58. Melissa Lee says:

    I’d choose the Dino Green hopper

  59. Anneka Hulse says:

    i would choose the blue dog for my baby boy

  60. Jemma Dwyer says:

    the blue dog for my little man

  61. Joanne Davis says:

    Id choose a purple daring dino for my 3 year old daring devil nephew

    Thanks for the chance great giveaway!

  62. Denielle Nicol says:

    The Blue Dog would be perfect for my Nephew Dxx

  63. Karl Borowy says:

    Pink Dog

  64. Alison Clifford says:

    The purple dinosaur would be great for my daughter

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