5 tips to keep your Home safe when you’re away

August 30, 2016

I love going on holiday but it’s inevitable that at some point during our time away I will panic about our house back home. I’m one of those people that will doubt myself that I remembered to turn off straighteners or lock the front door and yes I have gone back to check them. So you can imagine what I’m like when we go away for a longer stretch of time. There are some things you can do to keep your home safe when you’re away and they are all relatively quick and easy to do.

5 tips to keep your Home safe when you're away

1.Get a neighbour or close by family to help out. Ask someone you trust to pop in and open and shut curtains in the mornings and evenings and move any obvious piles of post. They can also help look after pets and water the plants (if you haven’t already killed them all). If there is a problem they can contact you and let you know. 

2.Don’t advertise it on social media. I hold my hands up to this one and I know a lot of people that do it too. If you share your everyday life online it’s hard not to share your holiday, however it does make everyone aware that you aren’t at home and that your house is likely to be empty. The advice is to wait until you get home, then share details of the amazing time you have had.

3. Use light timers. If you don’t have someone coming in to open and shut curtains and turn on lights in the evening a light timer is a great alternative, which you can easily buy from Amazon. Think of places where you need them around the home, for us it would be the lounge and a couple of bedrooms being in a 3 storey house.

4. Remove your spare key. Never leave a key in a ‘safe place’, if someone is looking after your house for you, make sure you actually give them the key. All the hiding spots that you think are safe probably aren’t, it’s not worth the risk.

5. Make sure your Home Insurance is up to date. This is probably the most important one especially if the worst was to happen. Knowing that you are covered can be a big weight of your mind if you are a worrier like me. Somewhere like Chill Insurance search and compare the best deals for you and then you know you are covered.


5 tips to keep your Home safe when you're away

Do you have any more tips to keep your home safe when you’re away? 

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