Update On Our Family Bucket List For The Year

This year we created a family wish jar. As the sun is currently setting on the last day of the year I thought I should look back and see what we managed to cross off before making our new one tomorrow. 

Our 2017 Family Bucket List

  • Go to Lego Land – We didn’t manage to go thanks to the rubbish summer weather, but we have tickets for next year.
  • Pick our own strawberries at a PYO fruit farm – We went and they had run out so this was a fail!
  • Go on a bike ride all together – somehwere like Grapham water (I need to get a bike still!) – I STILL need to get a bike, so didn’t manage this one.
  • Bake brownies
  • Have a family holiday abroad  We went to Spain in the half term and had a lovely time
  • Go on a camping/glamping trip  We camped in James’ Mum’s back garden but the tent was faulty so another fail. BUT we hopefully have a glamping trip to look forward to in the new year/ 
  • Toast marshmallows – the boys have both done this with cubs and beavers but we haven’t done it all together so I’m not crossing it off yet. UPDATE: We managed to do this all together. 
  • Watch a sunrise and a sunset together – We’ve done a sunset on holiday but not a sunrise yet.
  • Visit Centre Parcs – Not managed this as the prices out of term time are insane!
  • Have a night away with no kids  Check out our trip to Nice with a proposal
  • Visit a new place
  • Go sledging 
  • Take the boys to see a musical
  • Go to the cinema as a family (Ava to have her first cinema trip)  We went to see Boss Baby all together and she lasted over an hour!
  • Pick our own christmas tree at a christmas tree farm – We got a real tree but not a pick your own one, so we semi ticked this off.
  • Surf – We only went to Devon for a few days so didn’t have time for this one.
  • Go to a festival 
  • Climb a hill 
  • Go for a pancake breakfast 
  • See a pantomime
  • Have a movie night with popcorn and treats
  • Eat fish and chips on the beach 
  • Have friends over for dinner We have had friends over for a BBQ
  • Spend a day at the country park with a picnic We have done this but plan on doing it at different places during the holidays
  • Look at the stars in the night sky and spot the constellations, maybe even a shooting star
  • Have a water fight in the garden  We had so much fun doing this during the heatwave
  • Get the paddling pool out  A big new paddling pool seemed like a good idea till it needed draining!
  • Go on a boat We went on a boat trip on the Thames
  • Bowling all together
  • Take Ava to a sea life centreShe LOVED it, check out our video
  • Have a spa day – I’m definitely adding this one to my list for next year!
  • Go to a new swimming pool or waterpark
  • Visit the Science museum
  • Have afternoon tea
  • Visit a new National Trust place 

So there you have it. We managed to crosspost things off our list and we did lots more that isn’t on here. We will be making another list tomorrow and I’m excited to see what they come up with!


Ideas and Inspiration for creating your own Family Bucket List for the year


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