I’m going to Spain today, sneaking off with James and Ava for a few days whilst the boys are with their Dad. Ava is still under two so making the most of her being free for that little bit longer. James will be working a bit whilst we are out there and I have no idea how she will be with the heat! I hope you have all had a good week. The linky #PickNMix is run by myself and The Lovely Stevie at A Cornish Mum. Any post on any theme is welcome, old or new. You can grab… View Post

We were sent a Pink Dog, Happy Hopperz for Ava to review and if you scroll down to the bottom there is the chance to win one of your choice from the Happy Hopperz range, suitable for ages 12 months to 5 years. Ava loves anything physical as I’m sure most toddlers do, so the pink dog has been a big hit. She’s played on it numerous times everyday since we got it out of the box just over a week ago. The Happy Hopperz are really easy to inflate as they come with their own pump and there are… View Post

I love having Netflix and Amazon Prime, I’ve gone from watching regular television most days to hardly ever watching it. It’s great being able to binge watch series and getting totally immersed in them. It does have it’s draw backs though, making you go to bed late and losing whole weekends to it (when we didn’t have Ava) being some of them. I knew I was watching too much of The Walking Dead when I started having Zombie dreams, really vivid ones that would have me waking up in a sweat. Watching a series like this is a bit like… View Post

One of our favourite things to do on the beach as a family is make a sandcastle, so when we heard that Konfidence were sponsoring  the 2016 Golden Bucket Sand Art Competition the boys were really keen to join in. The competition is for children 8 years and under to create their own sand art masterpiece. The top three winners will receive a gold, silver or bronze coloured bucket and spade trophy and a £200 Konfidence voucher for first place, plus a £100 and £50 voucher for the second and third placed entries. Each winner will also receive a Trunki suitcase and a Bombura bath… View Post