Your baby is screaming, crying, something is wrong and you don’t know what to do. You’ve tried everything to soothe them and still they continue getting louder and louder and you are probably crying yourself now too. What do you do if this becomes your every day, not just for an hour a day but hours every day, all day, after every feed, every car journey, you begin to fear your baby crying and don’t want to go out? This has happened to me with more than one baby so I know what it is like, how the screams cut… View Post

My eldest is 9 on Saturday, 9, I’m in denial about it as it sounds so grown up. We have a lovely weekend planned which I will be talking about on the blog next week. Hope you have all had a good week. #PickNMix is a blog linky run by myself and The Lovely Stevie at A Cornish Mum. Any post on any theme is welcome, old or new.  You can grab to code for our linky badge at the bottom of the post, if you need any help just shout, we are both nice. We also now have a… View Post

When it comes to baking with the kids, which camp are you in? When I speak to people they seem to be in either the love it, or the hate it camp. I love the idea of baking with my kids and then when I do it I remember why I hate it. It’s messy, I get annoyed and despite being a bit of a perfectionist my baking always has other ideas. It is however a nice activity to do with the kids if you can find something that isn’t going to tip you over the edge trying to achieve.… View Post

One of the things they don’t tell you about when you are pregnant is the after hair loss. It’s happened to me with all 3 of mine and each time it has been worse. Like clockwork, three months post partum, bang goes my nice hair and it all starts falling out. The first time I would just clog up the plug with loads of hair everytime I washed it and my hair got everywhere, I had to hoover loads to pick it all up. Luckily I naturally have lots of hair so it wasn’t too noticeable. With the second baby… View Post